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Hi, I’m Vanessa Marie!

I have been a storyteller since I was old enough to talk. As a kid, my mom said I’d never shut up cause I always had a story to tell. So it came as no surprise that I fell in love with writing and wanted to be a writer. Over the years, I’ve done many types of writing, from poems, songs, and short stories to news articles, blog posts, copywriting, and even scriptwriting.

My favorite, however, has always been writing stories. From fantasy to paranormal to horror, I love them all. I love creating new worlds, getting to know my sassy characters, going on epic adventures, and seeing good triumph over evil.

Currently, I’ve got two main projects (one YA fantasy and one paranormal) that I’m working on. I find that unless I change things up often, I tend to get bored quickly which is why I’m always working on multiple projects at a time. 

I write YA fiction books and non-fiction books under the name Vanessa Marie. My favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal, and horror. For non-fiction, I write writing craft books that help authors create diverse characters in their stories. When I’m not writing you can find me nose deep into a new book or filming one of my many YouTube videos. To learn more about my writing projects check out my books page. 

Fun Facts

I have a million different passions and interests and when I was a kid I wanted to do everything under the sun. From lawyer to actress to interior designer to president of the United States. 

When I’m home alone, I love to belt out to Mariah Carey.  

I’m addicted to books, Chipotle, milkshakes, and Marvel movies. #TeamCap


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Vanessa Marie

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I'm addicted to books, Chipotle, milkshakes, and Marvel movies. #TeamCap

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