Best Resource for Writers: Ninja Writers

Jun 9, 2021 | Writing, Writing Community, Writing Resources

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Ninja Writers

In today’s blog post, I’m talking about one of my favorite writer resources: Ninja Writers. Ninja Writers is a community for writers (created by Shaunta Grimes) where you can connect with other writers, take different courses to help you with your writing career, and get feedback from others on your work in progress. Let me tell you, the feedback I’ve gotten on my story has been so valuable to me. I’d recommend and sign up for Ninja Writers if only just for that. But you get so much more with this community.

You can take different writing classes such as the show vs. tell workshop, how to self-edit your novel, how to structure your novel using the save the cat beats, and more. Not only can you take classes to help you with your writing craft, there are also classes that focus on the business side of being an author, such as how to brand yourself, how to build an income stream, how to market your stuff, how to use IG for writers and so much more.

If you are in the Ninja Writers Academy, which is their top tier (I’ll go into all the different levels you can join in a minute), but if you’re in the Academy, then you’ll also receive one-on-one calls with Shaunta herself. Also, the workshops and groups in the Academy are much smaller so you’re able to get more time and feedback on your work.

Ninja Writers Club

Ninja Writers Club

Now Ninja Writers is a membership subscription community and there are 3 levels of membership. The first level is called Ninja Writers Club. This level costs $25 a month, but you can try two weeks for free.

Now at the Club level, you’ll have some weekly classes and workshops, but you get access to much more classes & workshops as you go up the tiers. When I first joined the Ninja Writers Club, I began attending the fiction co-working call on Tuesdays and that’s where you can share a little of your story. You read it out loud to the group, and you get feedback from everyone in the group. The feedback helps so much. I love that group, and it’s fun getting to hear other people’s stories.

Ninja Writers Guild

Ninja Writers Guild

The next level then is the Ninja Writers Guild, which is the tier I’m currently in. The Guild usually costs $75 a month. In the Ninja Writers Guild, you’re going to get access to more classes and workshops than you would in the club. Some of those classes I mentioned earlier like the how to use IG for writers, marketing, how to structure your novel with save the cat beats, those are available for Guild members. So if you’re in the guild you’re going to get a lot more classes and workshops. All the classes (whether you’re in the Ninja Writers Club, Guild, or Academy) are live zoom calls, so you can ask questions & get feedback. If there’s a class you aren’t able to make it to live, they record the class so you can watch the recording later.

Ninja Writers Academy

Ninja Writers Academy

The last level is the Ninja Writers Academy. Now this is the most expensive tier, but from what I’ve heard from others in the community that are in this tier is that it’s well worth it. I don’t remember the exact price of the academy, but it is over $100 a month, unless you can get it when it’s at a discounted price. Now the Ninja Writers Academy has limited spots available to join, they only allow 100 people in at a time. Right now, the Academy is closed and you can’t join it, but you can email them to get on the waiting list if you’re really interested in joining.

The Ninja Writers Academy is also a year long commitment so if you don’t have the time to invest in it, I would just stick with the Club or Guild. With the Academy you’ll get quarterly one-on-one calls with Shaunta, small workshop groups, and more classes than in the Ninja Writers Guild or Club (plus of course all the classes that are offered in the Guild or Club).

You’ll also get access to a private slack group when you join. There’s a slack group for each level (Club, Guild, & Academy), where you can communicate with other writers and the teachers/mentors in the community. Ninja Writers is a highly valuable resource that I definitely recommend, and I will leave links to their free trial so you can check it out and see if it’s something you want to try. Leave me a comment below and let me know what are some of your favorite writerly resources.

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