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This page contains brief descriptions of each of my current writing projects. Each of these projects are either in the first draft phase, or the planning and outlining phase (could be both since I am a plantser). Plansters, for those of you who don’t know, are a mix of two different types of writers: plotters and pantsers. Plotters plan and outline their story before writing their first drafts. Pansters, on the other hand, usually jump right into their stories and figure things out as they go; they write by the seat of their pants, hence the term.

I have a general outline for my stories, and sometimes I will outline certain scenes, but for the most part I like to write and see where the story takes me. Depending on how the story evolves I may revise the outline or work on the world building half way through the draft, which is why I’m a planster.

Project Royals


A family full of secrets and lies, a murderer hidden within the palace court, and one girl with the power to save or destroy an entire kingdom.

Project Royals is a YA high fantasy novel filled with betrayals, secret affairs, and political intrigue. It has multiple point of views, and currently follows the perspectives of six main characters.

I hesitate to say too much more about this project, because it has evolved quite a bit from the original outline to the current first draft that I’m working on (life of a planster). Characters have changed, plot points have changed, and as I continue to work on this story, as with any of my stories, I’m sure it will continue to grow and evolve.

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The Azaïs Witches (serial)



All Becca ever wanted was the chance to find the demon that killed her parents and make them pay, but when a mysterious vamp comes into town and begins feeding on the locals her attention is pulled elsewhere.

Determined to find the vampire and stop them before they could hurt anyone else, Becca enlists the help of her best friends Ryan (a werewolf) and Andy (fellow witch), along with Charles, another vampire who seems determined to prove to Becca that he’s no threat.

As Becca gets closer to finding the killer, she’ll learn things about her parents death that could change her world forever.

The Azaïs Witches is a YA paranormal series with witches, vampires, and werewolves. This project is currently in the second draft/revision stage.

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